Newsflash Gabriel Breakdown

FCA admits some AIFMs have not yet received the information they need to be able to submit transparency reports using GABRIEL.

SEC Inspection Priorities

On 13 January 2015, the SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations released their 2015 Examination Priorities.

Regulating Sonia

SONIA (Sterling Overnight Index Average) is one of seven benchmarks which will come under FCA regulation from 1 April 2015.

UCITS share classes

Differing national practices prompt publication of Discussion Paper 2014/1577 – “Share classes of UCITS”.


ESMA has published both its MiFID II Consultation Paper (2014/1570) and its Final Report on technical advice to the European Commission.


Key documents for PRIIPs come into force

Fair Fees?

It has been two years since the implementation RDR and most advisers have by now finalised their fee models and service propositions. Yet the discussion over whether to charge a fixed fee, hourly fee, or a percentage of assets, continues.

Governance Advisory Arrangement (GAA)

Reflecting the concerns that employees are not saving enough for retirement and where they do save, pension schemes are overly expensive, the package of reforms is aimed at ensuring members are in schemes that are high quality and offer value for money.