FSCS Levy 2016/17

Separate to Consultation Paper CP16/9 “FCA Regulated fees and levies: Rate proposals 2016/17” (see previous article) the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”) has announced its 2016/17 levy.
Although of most interest to those firms that conduct business with eligible claimants (see COMP 4.2), all firms remain liable for a share of the base cost levy.

FSCS Levy 2016/17 Image

Advising: FCA Register

As mentioned in Regulatory Roundup 74, firms that had the activity of ‘advising on investments’ under the ‘Permission’ section of their entry on the Financial Services Register as at 6 April will now find that they have the additional regulated activity of ‘advising on P2P agreements’ (you will probably find this new activity tucked away in the area just below the firm’s name rather than under ‘Permission’).

Advising: FCA Register Image

Inducements and Conflicts of Interest: Thematic Review

In January 2014 the FCA published Finalised Guidance FG14/01 “Supervising retail investment advice: inducements and conflicts of interest”. Although of general interest to all firms, the Guidance was particularly relevant to providers of, and firms providing advice on, retail investment products e.g. collective investment schemes, investment trusts etc.

Inducements and Conflicts of Interest: Thematic Review Image

Initial Public Offerings – IPO

A double IPO offering from the FCA with the publication of both a Discussion Paper (“Availability of information in the UK Equity IPO process” – DP16/3) and an Occasional Paper (“Quid pro quo? What factors influence IPO allocations to investors?” – OP/15).

Initial Public Offerings – IPO Image

UCITS Share Classes

ESMA has been turning its attention to UCITS share classes and has issued a Discussion Paper – 2016/570 – on the matter (it had published a shorter Discussion Paper – 2014/1577 - on the subject in December 2014).

UCITS Share Classes Image