Published: 19th November 2013

31 December 2013 will be the first period end date for both full-scope UK AIFMs and small AIFMs to commence reporting under the AIFMD – see SUP 16.8 (clients of Complyport can also refer to Section 14 of their AIFMD Readiness Assessment Document).

The FCA will be ready to receive the reports from 1 January 2014 and are requesting firms to report “using the XML v1.0 reporting template”. The link provided indicates that the days of simply keying information into cells may be over (there is a similar issue with CRD IV / COREP reporting, as mentioned elsewhere in this Regulatory Roundup).

The FCA also advise “Further details of the mechanism by which reports can be sent to the FCA will be published on the website in due course. We will be pragmatic with this mechanism for supplying data until GABRIEL is operationally ready”.

ESMA has also issued guidance on regulatory reporting under AIFMD (see link).

The guidelines do not represent a change in what has to be reported, they simply add more information. Reporting periods are covered on pages 20 & 21. Paragraph 12 clarifies that “AIFMs should start reporting as from the first day of the following quarter after they have information to report until the end of the first reporting period”.

The guidelines make frequent references to various tables which do not appear to exist – until you find conveniently placed on page 56 of the guidelines a link to them.

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