Published: 1st November 2019

The FCA is increasingly emphasising Risk Frameworks as part of its expectations of firms’ governance, systems and controls. Under proposed rules, the FCA can request any firm to submit its risk-based assessment of adequate financial resources for review.

On the 31st of October 2019, Complyport held a free webinar on Risk Adequacy with CalQRisk. We were thrilled when almost 100 attendees joined Richard Revill (Complyport), Tom Healy (CalQRisk) and Gerard Joyce (CalQRisk) as they discussed CP 19/20.

Complyport is happy to announce that we have now uploaded the webinar for everyone to listen to and learn from. You can find the recording of the webinar below.


During this webinar, we highlighted the benefits to your firm of employing a structured (risk based) approach for effectively identifying and assessing the risks to which you are exposed and evidencing that your firm has adequate financial resources based on your assessment of these risks.

Follow up demonstration

 At 11:00 on the 21st of November 2019, Complyport and CalQRisk joined forces again to demonstrate how we can help firms with their ICAP and ILAA documents.

During the online demonstration, we looked at if:

  • your ICAAP and ILAA documented an actual process within your firms just as it claims it does
  • talking to the FCA about it was a pleasure, not excruciating pain
  • your ICAAP didn’t land your firm with a fourfold increase in capital requirement that you have to communicate to the owners
  • SM&CR didn’t turn ICAAP and ILAA into sword hanging over your head
  • you could show the Board something when they ask

Watch the follow up by clicking the button below


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