Published: 8th February 2019

ESMA has published its first Annual Statistical Report (“Report”) on the cost and performance of retail investment products. The report covers Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”), Alternative Investment Funds sold to retail investors (retail AIFs) and Structured Retail Products (“SRPs”).

The Report provides National Competent Authorities with useful information to support the implementation of the Capital Markets Union, and aims to facilitate increased participation by retail investors in capital markets by providing consistent EU-wide information on cost and performance of investment products. It also demonstrates the relevance of disclosure of costs to investors, as required by the MiFID II, UCITS and PRIIPs rules and the need for asset managers and investment firms to act in the best interest of investors, as laid down in requirements of MiFID II, the UCITS and AIFM Directives.

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