Complyport’s ongoing services offering, at its most comprehensive, would include the following:

Initial visit and on-boarding

Depending on whether your firm is already established or has systems in place, Complyport will meet with your Compliance Officer to ensure that we understand your business and discuss appropriate systems, controls and documentation.

If systems, controls and documentation are in place, we will review them in place in order to assess whether your firm has a comprehensive compliance framework including appropriate, proportionate, documentation and systems and controls. Where there are any areas of weakness or non-compliance we will recommend remedial actions aimed at resolving any issues effectively and in a practical manner.

If full ground-up implementation is required, Complyport will work with your Compliance Officer to implement a comprehensive compliance framework including appropriate, proportionate, documentation and systems and controls.

Following complete review or implementation, Complyport will then:

  • Create an appropriate Compliance Framework, including the requisite compliance files, formal registers, documents and reporting schedules;
  • Ensuring your Compliance Manual and Compliance Monitoring Programme(s) (CMP) always remain up to date and specific to your business;
  • Provide support with FCA forms, notifications and returns – including FCA forms for new employees, exemptions, changes in control, variations of permission or other FCA clearance events;
  • Advice on communication and ‘best approach’ with the FCA;
  • Assist your firm in the enhancement or implementation of relevant policies such as Conflicts of Interest, Best Execution, Data Protection, Whistleblowing and Anti-Bribery; and
  • Supply the framework and templates for processes such as (as appropriate) client categorisation, marketing and promotional activities and complaints handling.

Ongoing work

Complyport will have selected a team of specialists to work with you and on your behalf. The team will be managed day-to-day by an Associate Director with two designated contacts working under them.

This dedicated team will provide support services to assist your firm to meet its regulatory and compliance obligations including telephone and email support customised to your firm’s needs.

We are also able to provide independent compliance reviews at your firm’s premises, on a regular and agreed basis, assessing your firm’s compliance monitoring, records management, systems and controls. The site visits will be followed by recommendations and a formal report.


In addition to the above consultancy offering, Complyport will give your firm access to ComplyTracker, Complyport’s online compliance monitoring solution.

Subscription to the service provides a convenient, centralised location for compliance monitoring, documentation, registers and training, accessible online by both your firm and by your Complyport consultants.

For more information please see our ComplyTracker section


Although part of the ComplyTracker system, ComplyTrainer can also be subscribed to separately.

Access to this proprietary training system provides online Anti-Money Laundering, Market Abuse, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Approved Persons, Treating Customers Fairly and Introduction to Compliance training.