Portal cloud desktop is designed to offer all your online services in one compliance control panel.

Portal allows access to Complyport’s Core and tailored Special Services (Regulatory) applications, as well as Third-Party applications — all from one secure place with one password.

PORTAL from Complyport

What is Portal?

Portal comes, as standard, with Complyport’s Core suite of compliance apps. This can then be supplemented by additional service offerings from Complyport, available as bolt-on packages, and a firm’s own third-party apps.

All can be accessed through the same single sign-on desktop, and the system is extendable and also customisation allowing it to adapt as your firm grows and changes.

How does Portal help?

Portal centralises and manages the disparate tasks of users by providing:

  • Key management and operational information in one place
  • Automation of routine low-level tasks
  • Timely reminders and prompts for key actions, events or filings
  • Accurate and compliant records and full audit trail

Core Apps

Portal comes populated with a standard Core suite of apps.


Bring order to the scheduling and recording of your compliance monitoring processes. Complyport’s Compliance Monitoring Plan (CMP) tool comes pre-populated with a year-round schedule of monitoring questionnaires, leading you through the process of recording the effectiveness of your firm’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) activities.


A simple, easy-to-use app providing speedy response and a robust audit trail for approvals requested by colleagues.​

Approvals comes with registers for PA Dealing, Gifts and Inducements, Financial Promotions, Rule Breaches and Incidents right “out-of-the-box”.​

Bespoke registers can be added or selections made from our growing library of additional register templates.


All companies have registers they need their staff to access.​

This app places control over public lists in the hands of the Compliance Officer, but they remain visible to all staff who need access to them.​

Registers can include trading blacklists, approved suppliers, broker on-boarding, approved persons or anything else you need.


Schedule group or individual attestations and declarations on a periodic basis. Email reminders are automatically sent, removing the need to manually follow up on overdue responses.

Enjoy drastic time saving when compared to managing regular email calls for action. Generate and export reports showing completion status or detailed individual reports to identify answers to specific questions.


Policies and procedures are the heart of a good Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) cycle.​

With the Docs app you can be sure your staff are accessing the latest document versions and you can set each document to be attestable by staff.

You have an easy-to-hand record of who has read what and when.


ComplyPrompt allows you to issue timely and accurate prompts or reminders to colleagues, suppliers or clients relating to actions required.​

Send automated attestations or declarations, form prompts or reminders to colleagues. Track responses and identify and chase outstanding actions.

Save time searching your inbox by monitoring responses from the app.

Special Services Apps

As new regulation approaches, Complyport provides consultancy and assistance to firms understanding the implications, preparing for enforcement and monitoring on-going compliance.

Complyport provides a series of app packages tailored for each new legislative or regulatory development.

Complyport has and is developing special service apps for firms, including GDPR, SM&CR, Brexit, COREP, ICAAP, CMC and Gabriel Reporting.

Third-Party Apps

The modular architecture of Portal enables integration of almost any browser delivered service into the desktop environment.

Launch all your services from one place.

Portal already integrates a number of mainstream services, from to Box to Xero, and is ready to integrate services on demand for clients.

Specialised services for client on-boarding, best execution monitoring, asset allocation, product selection, risk analysis can all be added alongside the Core apps.

Extendable and Customisable

Whilst Portal and Core apps provide abundant functionality “out-of-the-box”, we realise that some firms may want to go a bit further.

The Core apps have all been designed to link together to provide bespoke workflow solutions should a firm have particular requirements.

In addition, the open API nature of the Core apps allows them to be integrated with existing systems.

Working with our developers, Complyport can advise on the structuring of workflows managed through tailored combinations of apps running on a dedicated server instance allowing complete custom solutions specific to a firm’s needs.