“It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.” — HM Queen Elizabeth II

Complyport can provide both online, via our Portal system, and face-to-face training to meet the specific requirements of your firm. ComplyTrainer, Portal’s Core training application, offers awareness training in a variety of topics, including:

  • Compliance Introduction
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Finance Training
  • Approved Persons Regime
  • CASS Introduction
  • GDPR Awareness
  • Information Security
  • Market Abuse
  • Senior Managers and Certification Regime
  • SM&CR: The Conduct Rules
  • Treating Customers Fairly
  • Whistleblowing

Upcoming regulations such as the Senior Managers Regime (which requires all staff to understand and comply with the Conduct Rules) and thematic reviews on areas as diverse as flows of confidential information through to the suitability of portfolios are the stimulus for training and in many cases financial services firms do not have the resources, time or technical knowledge to cater for all their needs.

At Complyport we will work with your firm to undertake a training needs analysis and put in place a detailed training programme. This is to ensure all the your training requirements are prioritised and met and your staff leave with the correct regulatory know-how and immediately implementable skills.

Complyport has also teamed up with the European Institute of Management and Finance (“EIMF”) to enhance our training offering across the UK. Together, we can facilitate different learning environments, which can be classroom based or smaller, interactive, discussion led sessions, so attendees gain the most from their learning experience. In-house training (at your office) can be bespoke if you firm wish.

Alongside in-house training, Complyport and EIMF will be offering a range of public training sessions across the UK.

Why Training is required under UK law and FCA regulations

Both Portal and our face-to-face offering (public and in-house) provide you with training in a variety of set topics.

For firms working in the financial services arena, even if not directly subject to Money Laundering or Market Abuse regulations, our training courses provide demonstrable evidence of training and education on these important issues.

Consider also that the Bribery Act 2010 applies to all UK entities (and potentially firms outside the UK) and firms should provide training to protect themselves and individual staff.

Offshore Expertise

The Hong Kong office supports training and awareness courses relevant to both Hong Kong and Singapore legislation and regulatory environments. Tailored sessions can be prepared according to the firm’s needs or the level of staff to whom the presentation is being given.