Many operators of payment systems will be getting to grips with life under the Payment Services Regulator (PSR).

This can be bewildering and a significant challenge, particularly for firms who are new to regulation.

Complyport is at hand to assist you in navigating the regulatory landscape and help make sense of the PSR’s directions and guidance.

Complyport always takes a flexible approach in helping firms with payment systems compliance, ensuring that we are fully in tune to your needs.

Governance Review

This relates to how the industry is governed and how decisions are made. It is a complex area and one that regulators are paying increasing attention to.

Complyport draws upon a wealth of expertise in the field of corporate governance and can assist on an ongoing or ad hoc basis.


Authorised and registered payment services firms must have in place formal complaints procedures.

Complyport is regularly consulted by firms to assess and, if necessary, to implement procedures that comply with the regulator’s regime.

Anti-money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) continue to be a focal point for regulators across the globe.

The risks of getting it wrong are great, with breaches being punished severely and publicly.

Complyport offers a dedicated financial crime team who can provide workable and practicable solutions to AML & CTF challenges.


Occasionally you may need specialist support to develop a new business idea, or perhaps ongoing compliance support.

You may simply want an opinion on a complex matter of regulation.

Whatever your needs may be, Complyport has a team of industry specialists who are able to support you.

Firms can access our consultants on a project or hourly basis.

Please contact us on +44 (0)20 7399 4980 today for more information.